CNC Programming

Intellitrace uses multiple CAM platforms to best fit your manufacturing needs. All programming is fully guaranteed. Packages include detailed set-up sheets, tooling data and 24 hour technical support. It is our goal to optimize your manufacturing. We also offer post edits and future revision updates.

Fully customizable packages dedicated to optimizing our customers production needs. Intellitrace’s capabilities include lathe, mill-turn, up to 5-axis vertical mill, up to 5-axis horizontal mill, router, plasma cutter, and water jet.


IntelliTrace CNC programming services offer multi-dimensional, precision machining that helps in the mass production of complex parts and products without onboarding skilled resources. Along with our expertise in multi-axis CAM technology, IIntelliTrace understands different types of products and their complex structures to provide accurate and quality Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programming services. From the smallest parts to the most complex segments, Our skilled CNC programmers work closely with clients to provide solutions that are tailored to meet and exceed project expectations. We ensure all the projects to be completed by dedicated professionals who are specialized in specific CNC codes and standards.

Whether the client’s CNC programming requires incremental or absolute positioning reference point systems, or point-to-point or continuous path positioning, our expert programmers are proficient with every task. The team at IntelliTrace accounts for clamps, fixtures, spindles, turrets, and all other constraints to effectively eliminate the possibility of crashing our client’s machines. Our CNC programming services also cover 5-axis simultaneous machining, 4-axis simultaneous machining, 4-axis indexed machining and more.

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Process Engineering

IntelliTrace applies our proven methods and decades of experience to provide process engineering services tailored to the needs of the client. Our approach allows us to create engineered processes with minimal complexity that drive efficient, effective, and ever-improving processes. IntelliTrace Process 

We work with client organizations to strategize, measure existing processes, design improved processes, implement new processes, and ultimately to help to manage them. Assisting the client with management and improvement of engineered processes is a subtle, but important aspect of our preferred approach. The importance is that IntelliTrace stays to help the client in managing and improving processes.

Another important aspect of our industrial/process engineering services is our awareness of the cultural impact of process change. Our methodology and our people are acutely aware of the need to address cultural issues associated with such projects. Through our years of experience, we have devised ways of addressing cultural issues and integrated these techniques into our approach, making cultural acceptance systemic and a high priority of our consultants.

IntelliTrace Consultants are often involved with projects such as large IT projects, Logistics, Financial, Inventory, Quality improvement projects, and organizational/departmental improvement projects. Leveraging our skilled consultants and our flexible approach, allows client firms to benefit from our investment in process excellence capability as needed without all of the up-front cost.

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